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Upgrade Services

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Need help with your solutions upgrade? We are here to help you with minimal disruption to your daily operations and maximum success.

Why Migrate to the Cloud

Are you still using Microsoft Dynamics GP? It is time to make a move to the best of breed business solution - Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Unify the Experience
for All

Dynamics 365 creates a seamless unified experience across all your departments - from finance, operations and customer service to sales and marketing. 

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Enjoy automatic updates and stop spending thousands on resources to maintain your solution. 

Unleash the Power
of AI

Take advantage of Dynamics 365 AI Copilot helping your team be more productive, eliminate routine tasks and make smarter decisions with AI-driven insights.

Iteration 360 Microsoft Dynamics 365
Upgrade Methodology

Our methodology includes a streamlined 6-step process to ensure maximum success.


To help you understand the impact of migration on your budget, we will walk you through all the licensing costs associated with a subscription-based pricing model.


We implement all the best practices for data migration, including strategies for data cleansing, recording of historical data and migration plan - all thoroughly documented for future use and refence.


Our team will conduct an envision workshop during which we will outline your business process models to plan the migration most effectively.


If you have some custom code and reports as part of your solution, we will use the latest coding methods to replicate this in your new Dynamics 365 solution.


Our process includes the provision of data import layouts to efficiently prepare for data migration and speed up the process.


There is a good chance that you are currently using integrations with 3rd party solutions. Our team  will evaluate whether these integrations can be eliminated with the new D365 functionality or create the necessary connection.

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Why Choose Iteration 360 as Your Trusted Partner

Your one-stop-shop for all your technology needs. 

Team of Experts with 20+ Years of Experience

Iteration 360 offers you a team of Microsoft certified multilingual experts,  ready to tackle your business needs 24/7.

We offer your the most experienced technology experts at the best rate on the market.  

Cost-effective Solutions for your Projects

Rest assured that Iteration 360 team bring the leading, proven implementation methods to your projects.

Latest Implementation Practices

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